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What is KT Korea SIM Card?
It is new prepaid Korea SIM cards that allow your smartphone freely to connect mobile network within South Korea. This is available in prepaid voice and unlimited data service. Just imagine your SIM at home in your mobile phone.
You will get not only unlimited mobile data for sure, but also your data speeds will never drop to about 3G level.Your mobile phone is connected with wirelessly to very fast 4G LTE internet and everywhere and every time in South Korea.
With KT Korea SIM Cards, you can surf with 4G, an Internet upload and download speed up to 5Mbps. (depending on coverage)”

KT Korea SIM Card divides into two classes as following.
1) KT Prepaid Korea SIM Card is perfect for travelers coming to Korea for a short period of time (within 30 days) who enjoy a lot on internet using their smartphone.(No need to return). *More details of KT Prepaid Korea SIM Card for Data
2) KT Korea SIM card for Data/Call/Text is perfect for travelers coming to Korea for a long period of time who enjoy both a lot on internet using their smartphone and international & local call, messages if necessary. In case, you will pay the usage charges and return SIM at the pickup location when you leave in Korea.
More details of KT Prepaid Korea SIM Card for Data/Call/Text
Why should I use KT Korea SIM Card?
With new Korea SIM Cards, 4G LTE Network is with you, everywhere and everytime in South Korea. There is no need to hunt reliable WiFi Zone at a cafe and to worry about internet access and top-up anymore. Pay once, never do again.
Just enjoy your trip with new Korea SIM Cards in your own phone. Once you are connected, you stay connected with unlimited data. Save money!
No hidden costs, no hidden limits and no more incredible high roaming costs. new Korea SIM Cards is the fastest network! Depending on your location you can surf in 4G, 5Mbps. Apps like Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, etc. work hassle-free while you are traveling because you don’t have to check data balance.

Is my place in South Korea covered with Korea SIM Card?
Over 99% of South Korea nationwide is covered with our partner Korea Telecom network. And even 94% with awesome 4G LTE Network! Even in the mountains, Jeju and Nami Islands, you can enjoy internet with blazing high speeds! If there is no 4G LTE Network, new Korea SIM Card, connects to a 3G network automatically.

Will my mobile phone work in South Korea with KT Korea SIM Card?
Most of the world’s mobile telecommunications systems operate in South Korea, including new SIM based on Korea Telecom (KT) Network uses the 4G LTE frequency of 2100MHz/ 1800MHz/ 900MHz and the 3G UMTS/HSDPA frequency of 2100 MHz.
Check if your phone supports this frequency in order to have full 4G LTE speed. Remind that you should have an unlocked smartphone to use new Korea SIM Card in South Korea.
How do I know if my mobile phone is unlocked?
A locked phone’s software only allows you to use the original SIM card you got from your original company.
Important! If your cell phone is locked, you won’t be able to use new Korea SIM or any foreign SIM until you’ve had it unlocked.
*Is my phone unlocked? :
–When you bought your smartphone, if it was sold as ‘factory unlocked’ or ‘SIM free’, you should be fine!
–Locked phones can be unlocked by your mobile provider (often without your needing to visit a store), or by a third-party company
*How can I test it to be sure?
–The easiest way to check is to swap your own SIM with a friend’s SIM (assuming your friend has a different carrier’s chip).
If the device turns on and works (i.e. can make calls) you are good to go!

Am I using the correct sized SIM?
*The K-SIM is available in two SIM sizes nano and hybrid(standard/micro).
The most popular phones use a hybrid SIM that is designed to be used regular or micro SIM.
Phone models that use currently a Nano SIM are in the following.
–Apple : iphone5, 5c, 5s, 5, 6 plus, 6S, 7
–Samsung : Galaxy S6, S7,S8, A3, A4, A5, A7, Alpha
–Sony : Xperia Z3
–HTC : Desire 610, 800, EYE / ONE E8, ONE M8
Can I tether with my KT Data Prepaid SIM?
*Definitely, KT Data Prepaid SIM and Prepaid SIM with Data & Calls allow you to use the tethering capabilities of your phone.

*Tethering—using your smartphone as a mobile hotspot for surfing the web on other gadgets, including tablets and laptops—is available on Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices.
* For more information about Korea SIM Card, 

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