When will I receive my voucher to pick up my SIM Card after paying my order?

When you place an order as for 
KT Prepaid Data SIM for 3,7-DAY or KT Prepaid SIM (1,5,10,30-DAY), KT Pocket Wi-Fi, ANNEX SIM FREE B, ANNEX SIM BASIC.

  • You will receive a voucher within our business hours 
  • Business hours : open 09:00 ~ 21:00 all the year
  • When ordering within working hours, voucher is given ASAP. 
  • When ordering after/before working hours, voucher is sent within biz hours.

  • Check your spam or junk email folder if not received mail.
  • Take a picture or screenshot Voucher on your phone (recommend) or print it out.

When you place an order KT Prepaid data SIM for 1,5,10,30-DAY,
  • You can get it easily on the “thank you for your order” mail automatically being sent regardless of our business hours as below. 
  • Download Voucher by clicking ‘Voucher Download’ item and 
  • store on your phone or print it out.

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