How do I pay my order if I'm having a difficulty in paying via PayPal?

You can make a payment with various payment options such as credit card issued in Korea, bank transfer and virtual bank account, at the NAVER, G market open Market Shopping Mall for Korean.

NAVER Smart Store >>> Tap Here!

If you place an order “ANNEX SIM FREE A” or “ANNEX SIM PLUS”, 
Please try to do as follows.

  • Place an order in our page and click “proceed to Paypal” button.
  • When connected to PayPal payment, do not pay, come back to the original page.
  • Click on "Naver Pay" .
  • Put order No. given by email and Choose product in your order sheet.
  • Make a payment.

 G market >>> Tap Here!

* How to purchase Korea SIM Cards via Bank Transfer in Korean Won

You can pay by the Bank Transfer (BACS : Bank Account Clearing System) if not possible to pay by global or Korean credit card but possible in Korea Won (KRW).
  • Step 1. Place an order with your details each order sheet as below.
  • Step 2. You will be received an email informed our bank account and amount in Korean won matching your order.
  • Step 3. You'll pay in Korea won via bank transfer to our account.
  • Step 4. Confirmation mail will be received with voucher or items via door-to-door service from the Korea Post.

Order sheet for KT Prepaid Korea SIM Cards

  • KT Prepaid SIM for 1, 5,10,30-DAY / Pickup         >> Tap here !  
  • KT Prepaid Data SIM for 1,5,10,30-DAY / pickup  >> Tap here ! 
  • KT Prepaid Data SIM for 3,7-DAY / pickup           >> Tap here !
  • KT Prepaid Data SIM for5,10,30-DAY / shipping   >> Tap here ! 

Order sheet for ANNEX Prepaid Korea SIM Cards

  • ANNEX SIM FREE A for 7,10,30-DAY / shipping        >> Tap here ! 
  • ANNEX SIM FREE B for 30-DAY / pickup                  >> Tap here ! 
  • ANNEX SIM PLUS for 3,5,7,10,15,30-DAY / shipping >> Tap here ! 
  • ANNEX SIM BASIC pay KRW30,000 / pickup            >> Tap here ! 

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