How do I place an order Korea SIM Card in case of multiple quantity with other kind of SIM type?

You can order Multiple Quantity mixing Nano and Hybrid(Micro/Regular) when you place an order the Korea SIM Card as below.

  • Choose one pass of them, in the case of same kinds of product, in the product list.
  • Enter the total number of item in the quantity field
  • Put it down in the order note, e.g. Nano 1, Hybrid 1

  •  When one place an order multi-qty of KT Prepaid SIM cards, one individual is able to pick them up with one passport. 
  •  When one place an order multi-qty of ANNEX Prepaid SIM Cards, one individual is allowed to pick up one SIM Card with each passport. 
  •  Not allow other user to pick up SIM Card on your behalf. 

If you have 5 or more members, you can get an extra discount. 
Please email us before ordering and we will help you to purchase at a better price.

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