How do I fix what if Not connecting to LTE Data which means only connected to calls and texts after switching Korea SIM card into your phone?

As you visit Korea and switch a SIM Card Korea on your phone, you might have an experience the following small trouble on your phone.

What can I do if calls and text message are connected but LTE Data are not connected after switching Korea SIM Card into your phone ???
If such a situation occurs , you can fix it by trying to change APN Settings on your android phone or delete Profile on your iphone as following.

* Android phone
- Settings > More Network > Mobile Network > Mobile Data > APN
Step 1. Power off > Switch SIM Card > Power on phone
Step 2. From the Home screen, Tap Menu, then Settings
Step 3. Tap ‘More Network’ (Depending on your version of Android)
Step 4. Tap ‘Mobile Networks’
Step 5. Turn on ‘Mobile Data’ and Tap ‘Access point names’
Step 6. Choose KT, Tap New APN (‘+’) in right top line
Step 7. Enter the following data.
* Name : KT
* APN :
* MMSC : http : //
* MCC : 450
* MNC : 08
Step 8. Turn Off/On phone (2~3 times) until to be connected to KT LTE Signals.
* To see pictures about this >> Tap here ! 

* iphone
Before deleting the profile, 
make sure that "LTE VoLTE On" is set as follows.
1. In the Settings app, Choose ‘Cellular’.
2. Choose the "Cellular data" option.
3. Tap 'Voice & Data' and Choose 'LTE VoLTE On' as shown below.
Try to delete Profile as below if "LTE VoLTE On" is set and won’t be able to connect LTE.
- General > Profile > APN Carrier Settings > Delete Profile
Step 1. Tap Settings app and ‘General’ .
Step 2. Tap ‘Profile’ under ‘VPN’. 
Step 3. Choose ’APN Carrier Settings’.
Step 4.Tap ‘Delete Profile’ under ‘More Details’.
Step 5. Turn Off/On phone (2~3 times) until to be connected to KT LTE Signals.
* To see pictures about this >> Tap here ! 

If the above action does not resolve the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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