How do I fix what if my phone shows “SIM Not Valid” or request to enter “SIM Network Unlock PIN” after switching Korea SIM Card?

After inserting your Korea SIM and powering on the device, note whether your phone shows any error messages such as "Invalid SIM" , "SIM Not Valid" or if you receive a request for a SIM Network Unlock PIN.
If you see any of these messages, your device is most likely locked to your carrier.

A locked phone means that it can only be used with a SIM card from the carrier that originally sold the phone. If you originally purchased your device coupled with a plan from a carrier, it's likely locked to that carrier.

To use our service, your phone must be unlocked - but if your phone is locked, Contact your current wireless provider.

Your mobile provider will unlock your phone for a small fee. Certain conditions may apply. Contact them and ask for a phone unlock.
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