How do I extend validity expiry of Prepaid Korea SIM Cards?

Hi, Do you enjoy your time during stay in Korea?
Thanks again being with our Korea SIM Cards of NeoKOSIM. 

You can extend validity date of your Korea SIM with following instructions while enjoying the Prepaid Korea SIM Cards.

Korea Sim cards on using that can be extended are:
Before you recharge, please ready to prepare your mobile number you want to recharge and credit card. Global/Domestic credit cards are acceptable.
These are all the easy ways you can recharge for your prepaid Korea SIM Cards on the list.
* How to recharge in Korean >>> Tap here ! 

You have to take an action for Validity extension before using period has expired.
Automatic termination is given unless extended by a recharge before expiry.

Recharge amount per day is KRW 3,000.
ex: To extend 3 days more, top-up amount is KRW 9,000 ( =3 days X KRW 3,000)

* Notes

 Extension can only be done once.
- 7/10/15-Day Plan; extendable up to 30 days from the first using date
30-Day SIM Plan; extendable up to 30 days more  

* Notice for MY SIM PLUS A
– You will receive text message concerning credit balance if you used up 80% of free 100 mins call, 100 texts credit.
– Data service may be interrupted as your credit balance runs out if you used up all your given call & text credit without additional top-up(recharge).

* How to recharge ?

The recharge is proceed by ANNEX Telecom co. who is service provider of KT MVNO.

1. By transfer to Korean Bank Account
Step1. Call A/S center and get an information of the number of days and amount of recharge for sure.
Step2. Virtual account is given as a text message.
Step3. Call again after confirmation of bank transfer to let them check and extend.(Must call~~. Because this is a manual operation.)
Step4. After charging is completed, You will receive a text message.

 * Annex Telecom A/S center : 1544-4344
- Business hours : 09:00~ 20:00(weekday), 09:00~18:00(weekend/holiday)
- Lunch break : 12:00~13:00

2. By using App as following.

- Download “WHOMSIM” Apps from the Android Play Store or IOS Store.
- Open " WHOMSIM" app on your phone & choose the language.

- Choose “Top-up” on menu page
- Choose “Global Credit Card” on menu page
- Put your mobile phone No. to check balance
- Choose Top-up amount
- Put credit card details to make a payment
Text message “completed Top-Up” will be received after payment. 
- That’s all folk!

You are needed to recharge your credit for each 30 days as following instruction given at pickup points.
* Credit expiry of both SIMs is able to use up to 90 days by recharging from starting date for those who are foreign nationality.
* If Not recharged within 3 days after expired, SIM Service will be terminated automatically.

How to recharge ?

The recharge is made by our partnership Agency Link Korea 링크코리아.
*The amount for extension
-  MY SIM FREE B is 58,500 KRW(~55.70USD) 

-  MY SIM PLUS B is 39,600 KRW(~37.71USD).

Please follow the instruction with one of following;
1. By Korea Bank transfer
 – Bank account is written on the manual given at the pickup points.
2. By PayPal payment
3. Visit the office of Hongdae Link Korea who is our partnership company.

You can recharge the credit by the unit of 10,000 KRW.
Validity is given 30 days per 10,000 KRW.

Please follow the instruction, provided from pick-up points ,one of following;
1. By Korean Bank Transfer
–  The bank account is written on the manual given at the pickup points.
2. By PayPal payment
3. Visit the office of Hongdae Link Korea who is our partnership company.
4. By CVS (GS25 & 7-ELEVEN)

When the validity date is expired or no balance is left,
- Calls and data service will be suspended
– Incoming calls is possible for 15 days
– Phone number will be terminated on the 45th since the validity date has expired.


You are needed to recharge (Top up) your credit as following instruction at pickup points.
You have to recharge within expiry date if you want to use Voice service continuously or extend using period for Data.
After expiry date, you can’t recharge or reuse your SIM Card.
Please keep in mind that there is no way to recover after expiry.

How to recharge

1. visit web
2. Click “prepaid SIM”
3. Choose “Voice Top Up” or “Extension of Expiration date”
4. Agree “I consent to all necessary terms and conditions for using kt roaming service.” , “Enter the contract number to check Prepaid SIM” and then click “ check”
5. Click “SELECT Phone Number” and “recharge”.
6. Check your current balance and click “recharge”.
7. Choose the amount to recharge and make a payment.

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