How do I extend validity expiry of Prepaid Korea SIM Cards?

You can extend validity date with following recharging method as long as you are enjoying the Prepaid Korea SIM Cards such as ANNEX SIM FREE A and B, ANNEX SIM Plus ANNEX SIM Basic and then new arrival KT Prepaid SIM.
Before you recharge (top up), you'll need to have given your mobile number and credit card number ready. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Korea credit as well as International cards.

Both SIM Cards are extendable up to 30-DAY only once by using recharge (top-up) Apps.
When you are using 7 or 10 or 15-DAY SIM card,
it’s extendable up to 30-DAY only once including first using periods.
When you are using 30-DAY SIM Card, it is extendable up to 30-DAY only once.

  • - when recharging for 05-DAY, it's extendable up to 25 days only once.
  • - when recharging for 07-DAY, it's extendable up to 23 days only once.
  • - when recharging for 10-DAY, it's extendable up to 20 days only once.
  • - when recharging for 15-DAY, it's extendable up to 15 days only once.
  • - when recharging for 30-DAY, it's extendable up to 30 days only once.

Recharge (top-up) amount per day is KRW 3,000.
When purchased 15-day Pass and want to extend 3 days, top-amount is KRW 9,000 (=3 days * KRW 3000).
Try to use top-up App as following.

  • - Download the ‘WHOMSIM’ app from the Android Play Store, IOS App Store
  • - Open “WHOMSIM” App on your phone
  • - Choose your language
  • - Choose “Top-up” on menu page
  • - Available on Global/Korean Credit card
  • - VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMAX are accepted
  • - Choose “Credit Card” on menu page
  • - Put your mobile phone No. to check balance
  • - Choose Top-up amount
  • - Put credit card details to make a payment
  • - That’s all folk!
It notes that in case of ANNEX SIM PLUS, text message of credit balance will be received if you used up 80% of your given 100 min calls & 100 texts credit.
To keep up with data, calls, texts. It is recommend to recharge (top up) your credit as received text message. 4G LTE Data service may be interrupted as your credit balance runs out if you used up all your given call & text credit without additional top-up.
You can extend validity date of this SIM card in according to instructed manual at the pickup points or Online as following.    
  • By using Korean Bank Transfer
  1. They offer bank account info for top-up at the pickup points.
  2. You are needed to transfer KRW 58,500 to their bank account.
  • By using PayPal
  • If you have difficulty by using Korean Bank Transfer, you can pay with PayPal at order page. >>> Tap here.
  • You are needed to pay USD $ 62 including handling fee $5.
  • If Not recharge within 3 days after expired, SIM Service will be terminated automatically.


The minimum Recharge (top-up) amount is KRW 10,000.
Validity period is given 30 days per KRW 10,000.
Try to use top-up App as following.

  • Download the “WHOMSIM” application from the Android, IOS app store.
  • Choose Language and Top Up.
  • Choose payment options : “Top-up” on menu page.
  • Global or Korean Credit card is available.
  • VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMAX are accepted.
  • Choose “Credit Card” on menu page.
  • Input your mobile phone number given A Mobile.
  • Choose Top-up amount (KRW10,000).
  • Put your credit card info to make a payment.
  • Receive a text message confirming the Recharge(top-up).
  • That’s folk all.

KT Prepaid SIM 

You are needed to recharge (Top up) your credit as following instruction at pickup points.
You have to recharge within expiry date if you want to use Voice continuously or extend using period for Data.
After expiry date, you can’t recharge or reuse your SIM.

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