How to recharge MY SIM PLUS A of NeoKOSIM, Korea SIM


MY SIM PLUS A is optimized for short-term visitors to Korea who want unlimited data with 4G LTE speed as well as a little domestic phone calls and texts needed.
- Unlimited Data, 100 Min Calls, 100 Texts within S. Korea
- After 10GB of usage, Data speeds limited 400Kbps

Text message of credit balance
You will receive text message of credit balance if you used up 80% of your given 100 min calls & 100 texts credit.
It is recommended to top up (Recharge) your credit as received message to keep up with data, calls, text.
Data service may be interrupted as your credit balance runs out if you used up all your given call & text credit without additional top-up.
In this case, you have to top up your credit balance before expiry as below.

Charges for local calls and texts
- Local Calls : KRW 1.98 / Sec
- Local Texts : KRW 22 / Text
Expected Top-up Amount
- For additional 100 min calls,
  Top-up Amount is KRW 11,880 ( = KRW1.98 * 60Sec * 100 Min)
- For additional 100 min texts,
  Top-up amount is KRW 2,200 ( = KRW 22 * 100 Text)
Top-up amount to maintain your service per day is KRW 3,000.
   e.g. when purchased 7-Day Pass and want to use 3 days more ,
   Top-amount is KRW 9,000 ( =3 Days X KRW 3000)

How to recharge by using App as following.

- Download the ‘WHOMSIM’ app from the Android Play Store, IOS App Store
- Open “WHOMSIM” App on your phone
- Choose your language
- Choose “Top-up” on menu page
- Choose “Global Credit Card” on menu page
- Put your mobile phone No. to check balance
- Choose Top-up amount
- Put credit card details to make a payment
Text message “completed Top-Up” will be received after payment. 
- That’s all folk!

- Calls to the number (such as 1588, 1577, 02-1588), telephone information service (060), TRS (013), domestic video call and personal number service (050) are strictly limited.
- Credit balance may run out and the data service be interrupted if you call the number above.
- Just ANNEX Telecom Customer Center (1544-4344) is available only.

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