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We hope you enjoy Korea SIM Card, with the unlimited data and cost effective and blazing 4G LTE Speeds for your perfect trip during your stay in South Korea.

You can pick SIM from the main entry gateway of Korea, which saves your time.

[1] What is the difference between KT Prepaid Data SIM and KT Prepaid SIM? 
NeoKOSIM (New Korea SIM Card) is a prepaid 4G LTE Korea SIM Card for travelers enjoying unlimited data access to surf worry-free. I'd like to inform you the difference between “Prepaid Data SIM” (Data only) & “Prepaid SIM (Voice + Data)” as below.

Order,Payment,Pickup & Return
1. KT Prepaid Data SIM 
-for Unlimited Data only 
-Using mVoIP (WhatsApp, LINE, Kakao Talk, etc.) for voice talk is recommended.
-Online Order should be required 24 hours advance (KST).
-No need to drop off SIM

2.KT Prepaid SIM 
-for  Unlimited Data, Calls/Texts
-Online Order should be required 2 days in advance(KST).
-Only credit cards are acceptable for charge and deposit when upon picking SIM.
-Charged for used calls/text in addition when dropping it. 
*Must (pick)drop off SIM to avoid the penalty.

[2] How to buy the Prepaid Korea SIM Card in NeoKOSIM? 

* You are able to be offered discount only when ordering online. 
* Immediate discount is not available at the pickup locations.

2-1 Visit our website 
 * Fill in the Billing Details.
  - Title, Name, Nationality, email, SIM Size, Pickup Date, Pickup Location.
* Agree to the Terms & Conditions

* Proceed to checkout
- You can pay with credit card or PayPal.
- Even if you don’t have PayPal account, you can just pay as a guest by your credit card, VISA, Master, AMMEX, Discover via PayPal.
- How Can I pay with my credit card? >> Tap here !

2-2 Receive a confirmation mail with downloadable online voucher.
 * Download voucher and print/store image on your phone it.
 * Required documents when collecting: Voucher and Passport
Voucher of KT Data Prepaid SIM 
Voucher of KT Prepaid SIM

[3] How to count the Validity Period of KT Prepaid 
Data SIM Card of NeoKOSIM?
“We'll collect the SIM card after our flight arrived late night. It is expected around 11:30 pm July 5. I guess that the 5-day period would begin when the SIM card is going to activate. So I wonder we'd better to wait until next morning as we need it until we leave on the 10th.Please clarify the validity of the sim card. Thanks.”

*In this case of purchasing 5-Day Pass of KT Prepaid Data SIM of Korea 
– Starting: July   5, 11:30 pm (Collect Time)
– Expiry: July 10, 11:29 pm (No need to return SIM)

*You don’t need to wait for the next morning and enjoy surf right after receiving SIM! 
That’s why this product automatically activates after picking it and validity period starts to count from collecting date and time (ex. 5 x 24 hours =120 hours )

[4] Korea SIM Card, "KT Prepaid Data SIM" & "KT Prepaid SIM" have same price on the price table. What is the difference between them?
The price is just good for data allowance only. 
Please place an order "KT Prepaid SIM" if you want to use ordinary calls including local/international & text messages, instead of using mVoIP (WhatsApp, LINE, Skype, WeChat, Kakao Talk, etc.) for voice talk. You can refer the rate for calls/texts in our page.

[5] How do I extend my using period while I'm using KT Prepaid Data SIM?

*It is not able to extend your using period with this plan. Online order one more and collect Korea SIM Card again. (Same process as you did in the first.)

*But if you bought KT Prepaid SIM, it is possible to extend before expiry by noticing to us through email without visit.

[6] What can I do if I’d like to use Korea prepaid SIM of NeoKOSIM more than 30 days in Korea?
We recommend you place an order "KT Prepaid SIM which is no needs to recollect and drop off during usage" and you can designate your whole desired using period.

* For more information about Korea SIM Card, 
Please Visit our NeoKoSIM website >>> http://neokosim.com

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